Tom Janca

Tom Janca, Physical Therapist

Having been born in the Chiagoland area back in 1967, I vowed from a very early age to grow up and move away to a “big City” area of the country without sub-zero freezing weather and ice storms in the winter. So how did I end up moving to the little hamlet of Arnot, PA (pop. 350) and working in Montoursville? Earning my BS degree in Exercise Science at Southern Illinois University seemed to be my ticket to independence.

Unfortunately, I found personal fitness training less fulfilling than I thought it would be. Years later, after I completed prerequisite coursework in the mid-west, I moved to Philadelphia to attend Arcadia University and earn Master’s degree in physical therapy by 2000. Wouldn’t you know it…my first physical therapy job offer was in a little town called Wellsboro, PA. From Chicago to…little town Wellsboro? Since I was a “big city kind of guy”, small town charm didn’t seem too charming. But I took the job anyway (determined to move back to a big city the next year).

As fate would have it, two months after moving to Wellsboro, I met my “wife to be” in November 2000. We married in November 2001 and moved to Arnot, PA in 2003. Since then we’ve had three kids – Joshua, Abigail, and Josiah. In time, I learned that many of the “perks” of city life (crowded streets, pollution, traffic congestion and high taxes) weren’t as attractive as hunting, hiking, trees, wide-open spaces, and wildlife. We still reside in Arnot but now work at Lycoming Physical Therapy in Montoursville and very much appreciate rural life and small town charm.



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