"After receiving a referral to Lycoming Physical Therapy, I realized they are not your typical PT facility. The entire staff is friendly, welcoming, kind, and helpful. The environment is upbeat and cheerful. The therapists are certified, highly skilled, and committed to your recovery and, the care and treatment are unparalleled, serving as a benchmark for others.

When an unexpected injury left me with excruciating pain and numbness in my back, leg, and foot, I found myself unable to walk upright, drive, carry out basic daily functions, or lift my legs without assistance. I underwent physical therapy elsewhere but experienced little relief and no lasting results. While surgery alleviated some of my pain, optimal living seemed but a dream. I was then referred to Lycoming Physical Therapy and "WOW!" what a life-changing referral it has been. Following an evaluation of my symptoms, Dr. Rob Burger readily began treatment with me, despite my complex situation and the potentially long road of recovery that presented itself.

His personalized treatment plan with me goes far beyond the ultrasound and exercises I was directed to do in my previous PT experience and includes aqua therapy, traction, manual therapy, core strengthening, education and much more. He has a keen understanding of how the body works and the mechanics of movement and balance as well as the complex pathways and relationship of muscles and nerves. He uses this extensive knowledge to uncover the most intricate causes of pain, bring relief, and advance my progress. Even when things don't go as expected, he doesn't give up. He observes movements, asks and answers questions, listens carefully, evaluates my symptoms, determines solutions, and provides guidance and care that not only produce results but further my healing. He has a great sense of humor and employs a balance of wit, empathy, and challenge that puts one at ease and enhances the treatment experience.

My road to recovery has been grueling at times. However, my work with Dr. Burger is definitely improving my quality of life. Since day one, I have experienced consistent and steady improvements. His commitment to my journey of recovery and long-term wellness has been unwavering and he continues to encourage me even through the occasional bump in the road. We remain focused on the positive and celebrate the victories, both big and small. Under Dr. Burger's comprehensive care, my pain is decreasing, I am rebuilding muscle, regaining strength, and restoring my flexibility and range of motion. The feeling in my right leg and foot is being restored and I can now move two toes. On a really good day, I can even touch my toes! I have a greater awareness of my movement and its impact on pain. Daily tasks are no longer out of reach. Many days I can take a shower, get dressed, tie my sneakers, make dinner, pet my dog, go to the grocery store, and drive to church on weekends. In the last month I've started to play my trumpet again, something I used to do every clay before my injury. I am able to go to the ball field and watch my nephew play baseball or go to the park for a picnic in the sun.

The therapy I am receiving at Lycoming Physical Therapy is putting the "living" back in my life. Dr. Burger's abilities are truly unmatched - a gift from God. My work with him is transforming my hope of recovery into reality and for that, I am and will be, forever grateful!

My road to recovery following a debilitating injury that left me with numbness and excruciating pain has been the toughest experience of mv life. Despite physical therapy and surgery that brought little relief or lasting results, I clung desperately to the hope of healing. Lycoming Physical Therapy is turning that hope into a reality Dr. Burger's work with me is decreasing my pain, helping me regain strength and mobility, and equipping me to carry out basic daily tasks."

"Lycoming Physical Therapy - WOW! After receiving a referral to LPT following a debilitating accident, I quickly realized they are not your typical PT facility. The entire staff is welcoming, kind, and helpful. The environment is upbeat and cheerful. The therapists are certified and highly skilled, and the care and treatment is unparalleled. Dr. Rob Burger's knowledge, skill, and abilities are truly unmatched - a gift from God. His commitment to his patients' recovery is rare and encouraging. My work with him is transforming my life from a painful nightmare to a life of well-being. His extensive knowledge and intricate understanding of the body have been integral in reducing my pain, increasing my mobility, strengthening my core, and promoting my recovery. My progress with him is enabling me to once again carry out not only basic daily functions but also enjoy things I like to do. My treatment with Dr. Burger is life-changing and I do not hesitate to refer anyone searching for the best PT hands down to Lycoming Physical Therapy."

"My road to recovery following a debilitating accident that left me with numbness and excruciating pain in my back, leg, and foot has been the toughest experience of my life. Despite physical therapy and surgery that brought little relief or lasting results, I clung desperately to the hope of healing. Lycoming Physical Therapy is turning that hope into a reality. Dr. Burger's work with me is decreasing my pain, helping me regain strength and mobility, and equipping me to carry out basic daily tasks that have eluded me for years. His individualized treatment, care, and unrivaled comprehensive knowledge of movement and the most intricate causes of pain promote healing and bring relief. His commitment to, and investment in my recovery, are rare and have dramatically transformed my life. I am... forever grateful!"

"My treatment at Lycoming Physical Therapy, and with Dr. Rob Burger is putting "living" back in my life. When an unexpected accident left me with numbness and constant pain in my back, leg, and foot, I was unable to carry out even the most basic functions without assistance. Previous physical therapy left me with no relief and few lasting results. However, Dr. Burger's comprehensive knowledge of the body, the mechanics of motion, and the most complex relationship of muscles and nerves are unrivaled... truly a gift! His continued investment in my care, despite my complex situation and long road of recovery, are transforming my life. Through his evaluation and guidance, my work with him is decreasing my pain, restoring feeling in my leg and foot, rebuilding muscle, and dramatically improving the quality of my life."

"Everyone dresses very casual, though they are therapist representing such a well organized and professional establishment. The friendliness is wonderful! We were blessed and helped by all you did for me, so much so that this is our second time to choose to use your therapists expert skills."

- Patricia (2015)

"Simply that Lycoming Physical Therapy, ltd is the BEST in everything. Thank you for your knowledge, care and compassion!"

- Michelle (2015)

"The facility is great and the employees are excellent!"

- Ryan (2015)

"I received great, informed care directed at my specific problem. Ease of scheduling appointments. Friendliness. Nice facility, friendly workers."

- Catheal (2015)

"Treated top notch as soon as you enter. Keep up the good work!"

- Mary (2015)

"The people there were excellent in their work."

- Maryjane (2015)

"You actually get treated correctly and like a person, not like you're faking it. Kids get treated like a person. Instructions explained, kid-friendly."

- Zach (2015)

"Everyone is very nice and the workers are there to help you get better."

- Jamie (2015)

"Great for PT not large enough for wellness after PT is finished. Both patient and caring."

- Debra (2015)

"It is a great facility to go to. Down to earth atmosphere. Nice people."

- Rebecca (2015)

"If you have a problem, I am sure they can help! I had back surgery, that maybe wasn't necessary. I had x-rays done on my hip. I am scheduled for a new hip."

- Donna (2015)

"The PTs are excellent. Over the times I have used Lycoming Physical Therapy, I have experienced 2 different PTs and both were excellent! Both in attitude and care about my recovery. They know what they are doing."

- Steven (2015)

"Tom is the best therapist around! As a matter of fact, I already referred two people to come to him! Keep doing what you are doing! You are GREAT!"

- Margaret (2015)

"I highly recommend it! They are great and it worked! I feel so much better. Keep up the good work."

- Amy (2015)

"You guys are fantastic people! We will definitely miss you all! Also Mariah and Makenna say HI. They also loved talking to you all. You are definitely an amazing group of people to work with. Thanks again for all your help!"

- Brooke (2015)

"The facility was clean and convenient. The staff is observant, listens to your needs and are knowledgeable.  And the receptionist staff work with your insurance and available times."

- Patricia (2015)

"The therapists are knowledgeable and will get good result."

- Glenn (2015)

"Everyone is so nice, polite and knows what they are doing!"

- Sandra B. (2014)

"The group at Montoursville Physical Therapy genuinely wants to strive to make you well and succeed at the goals you have. Enjoyed the experience with my therapists. Even though it was painful they somehow made it a positive experience. I am so thankful they were there to help me thru my therapy and the girls at the front desk were always pleasant and ready to help you anyway they could. Everyone works as a team and are a great group of people."

- Danielle B. (2014)

"Lycoming Physical Therapy exceeded expectations. My therapist was personable and kind. He gave me a plan that I can use at home now and in the future. This was my first experience with physical therapy, and it was very positive and productive one. Thank you for your wonderful care!"

- Ann G. (2014)

"Your facility/staff will do everything possible to solve your problem."

- Karen L. (2014)

"A facility that you can trust! Staff are concentrated on patient care to the utmost degree. Competency, caring and re-gaining health are of top concern."

- Josephine L. (2014)

"This wasn't my first experience at Lycoming Physical Therapy as I was a patient more than 15 years ago and not a whole lot has changed - same great service! Keep up the good work!"

- Ryann S. (2014)

"I really felt my therapist helped me so much. She talked to me while we worked."

- Gwendolyn K. (2014)

"I would tell them that Lycoming Physical Therapy is the best one around and they should try it! I have been to a lot of therapists and I have never had one that took the care that He does. He tells you what to do, then explains why you are doing it, and why it will help me."

- Galdys C. (2014)

"If you are looking to fully recover from an INJURY or other issue, then you need to see Lyco PT. Fantastic experience. It's nice to be greeted with a smile and cared for during recovery. I was not just a number. It was about healing and correcting."

- Kevin H. (2013)

"The best place to go for physical therapy is "Lycoming Physical Therapy"."

- Genevieve R. (2013)

"Staff was courteous, friendly, and answered all questions in a timely manner."

- Louise H. (2013)

"If they need therapy - Go here!"

- Nancy C. (2013)

"Everyone was kind, caring and professional. I don't know how it could be any better in any way."

- Elizabeth M. (2013)

"I found the encouragement to continue my physical therapy and the constant challenge to improve myself was very rewarding. Everything was great from the physical therapy care to the insurance handling. Nothing is perfect but my stay at Lycoming Physical Therapy came close - a 3.99 out of 4.0!!! I would tell my friends and family and doctor about the exceptional treatment I received from the staff at Lycoming Physical Therapy. I would tell them they would be treated as family with much caring!"

- Kathy Burkhart (Sept 2009)

"I have found the environment very pleasing and relaxed. The atmosphere is exceptional - great clinical skills and a warm friendly reception. I have already told many friends as to the wonderful care I receive at Lycoming Physical Therapy on each and every time I come in for a tune up! I always feel better after physical therapy and that I have improved with each visit!"

- Dottie Dangle (Sept 2009)

"I have always received a high standard of care in the treatment of my back pain. I appreciate the ease of scheduling and the ability to schedule me quickly. This has always helped relieve my back pain quickly - before it gets out of hand."

- Bill Martin (Aug 2009)

"After I had my knee replacement I was worried about the pain associated with physical therapy. Then my friend suggested I go to Lycoming Physical Therapy because she had no problems with her therapy after her knee replacement. She was right!! I received very professional care and the results were outstanding! I can now do all the things I wanted to do for years but couldn't. I can even play golf and ride my bike again! And the pain - it was minimal. The staff provided a very caring touch - I am glad my friend told me about these guys!"

- S.T. (Sept 2009)

"I was having problems with my dizziness for many years but after only a few (2-3) visits my dizziness and vertigo went away completely! I have not had any problems with my balance or dizziness in over 3 months! I was treated well by the receptionists and therapists alike! I would not hesitate to use their services again! I look forward to seeing my new friends again."

- J.R. (May 2008)

"I tore my biceps playing golf and working in the yard. My doctor did not want to do surgery so I looked elsewhere and finally had the surgery. I also needed physical therapy after the surgery to restore my range of motion and strength and to get back the use of my arm. I had heard good things of Lycoming Physical Therapy so I called. They would not guarantee the results but felt confident they could help me get my arm back and play golf again! It took several months but now I am hitting the ball better than ever and have great use of my arm. My surgeon was very impressed!"

- Donna Bastian (2007)

"I have used the staff at Lycoming Physical Therapy after 2 rotator cuff surgeries and then when I had to have my shoulder replaced. Each time they got back the fullest use of my arm and with minimal pain. It hurt a little but I could see the range of motion and strength improving steadily. They kept encouraging and challenging me until I could use my arm again! I love these guys and would recommend them to anyone!"

- Neddie Mauch (2006, 2007, 2009)