Rob Burger, PT, DPT, OCS

Rob Burger, PT, DPT, OCS

As a physical therapist, I aim to bring together a combination of faith, science, and the art of physical therapy. We have all been blessed with certain gifts, talents, and skills. I have received a thorough education in the body’s systems and their interactions. Current research coupled with the God-given gifts for healing creates a dynamic combination we use to help you get better!

After office hours are done I enjoy spending time with my family the other #1 priority (beyond church – you know God and country are first, family and friends second and I am third). We coach our children’s soccer teams and play an active role in their academics or other sports teams. We are either doing homework in the gym or in cars on the way to various events – the emphasis being that we are doing these things together. In our spare time, Patti sings in several church choirs and praise bands while I teach Sunday school and serve on several committees. Ashley is our oldest followed by Alyssa and Josh – all are wonderful children with bright futures. We have been truly blessed in all aspects of our lives and pray that you to will receive similar blessings.

God Bless!

Personal Care

“While in Physical Therapy School I felt the little voice inside calling me to private practice. After 5 years in a hospital setting, my wife and I took a leap of faith to open a private practice in physical therapy. The experience I gained working with sports medicine doctors and patients as well as work related injuries, wound care, and neurologic patients provided me a wide base of experiences from which to draw. Our core values have not changed: excellent clinical skills, personal attention, faith, teamwork, continuity of care. Once you are evaluated by a licensed physical therapist the treatment is carried out by that therapist and their team. Communication and teamwork become a paramount factor in your care. We strive to maintain personal attention and highly effective results. By getting to know our patients we can treat their person not just their ailments.”

Effective Results

Since 1987 many factors have influenced the physical therapy care that we provide. Insurance coverage and legal issues have been influential. We now can treat a patient without a physician referral – most insurance plans recognize the advances in the profession. Limitations in insurance benefits also can limit our care – at least the number of visits and reimbursement – not the quality of services you receive. We continue to base our treatments on clinically effective, research-supported treatments. Having limited benefits forces a provider to be extremely effective – we must provide the best treatment for our patients.

Combining Art, Faith, Science

Physical Therapy is both an art and science. There are manual skills that we perform to relieve pain, restore joint motion, and relieve muscle tension. These skills are combined with a complete exercise program to restore strength and mobility to restore maximal function and limit disability. All treatment is based on scientific evidence to support treatment. “When we add faith to the mix – faith in God, in each other and in ourselves- we can get even better results.”


Member, Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (1985-present)

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